Personal training sessions are completely tailored to you, this means we will try to put you on the path to achieve any goals you may have as efficiently and effectively as possible. We work with all levels of fitness from those who compete professionally, to those that want to drop fat/ weight and build muscle or to just keep fit in general! Doing one to one sessions gives us a chance to completely assess you, start to build the foundations and work up with you so we can really test your abilities. 


When you sign up to 2 sessions or more per week we include in-depth nutritional support. We track nutrition daily and set targets to work towards whatever you’re trying to achieve whether that's weight loss/ fat loss, maintenance or muscle gain! Nutrition is key, if we don’t get this right, it will make everything else a lot harder to achieve. 


You’ll receive support with our personal training packages as and when you need it! We track nutrition/ diet daily and will make contact every day. We track your measurements weekly to make sure we’re on track and progressing. (Included with our packages for 2 or more session per week) This allows us to make sure we’re moving the right way throughout the journey and can make changes where needed. We work on finding out what level of commitment is realistic for you to fit into your lifestyle, to make sure it’s sustainable going forward and not just something you’re going to give up on after a few weeks/ months. 


We do lots of work with people on rehabilitation from injuries, back issues, improving posture to support with pre and post pregnancy. Doing our more intensive packages of training allows us to really work on a journey with you, to get you to your goals. 


1 Session per week or less are £45 each session. We work in 4 week blocks. 
2 sessions per week or more are our more intensive packages and are £40 each session 


If you work hard and stick to the plan there is no way you cannot get results!! Let these before and after pictures speak for themselves… 




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