About us

I wanted to make FFS Fitness about putting the fun back into exercise. 
We want to make sure you enjoy your training while getting as much from it as you can.
So many people that train with us say they were so bored of the gym or their old exercise routines, and not hitting their goals.
Our clients enjoy the training because it’s “social, fun, effective, different, the training changes and we have a laugh” and most importantly if you push yourself hard enough you’ll get some great results too!

FFS Fitness

Charlie Ede

Charlie Ede

FFS Fitness Founder
I've been in the industry for most of my adult life. I always had a passion for sports and fitness and knew I wanted to do something active, something hands on and I knew for sure that I wouldn't be happy at an office job.

At the age of 16, I enrolled on an NVQ Activity Leadership Course at Aylesbury College. This helped me to develop my abilities to lead sessions and enabled me to go onto my next course being a National Diploma in Sports Science, which helped me decide where I wanted to go with my career. During this course, I was doing lots of sports coaching and also working at a golf club, as I had a real passion for golf. I would run sports coaching at after school clubs, football coaching local teams at the weekend, which also lead me to coaching Football in Canada for 3 months. This was one of the best experiences I've had to date, and helped me hugely with my social skills and building my confidence.

After my college course, it was time to start making a career out of what I loved! I signed up to a level 3 Personal Training Course. Once I had completed the course I got stuck straight in and went to work at my first gym.

The gym I started at had lots of busy trainers there, I knew I'd have my work cut out to gain my own clients. After just 6 months, I was the busiest trainer in the gym. I craved more, I wanted to keep learning and keep improving my service to clients. I asked other local trainers about what they did, and eventually talked to a trainer from a fitness company. He suggested an opportunity to run a franchise in Amersham. I jumped at it and was glad that I did, because I learnt so much and developed massively as a trainer.

After 3 years of working for another fitness company, I knew I wanted to take the next step, working on my own business. I am so excited to see where this leads and really look forward to working with lots of people and clients, to make them Fitter, Faster and Stronger!