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FFS Online is all my experience of coaching clients in one place. I have been a Personal Trainer since 2011, but I’ve been in the health & fitness industry since 2007.

My vision for FFS Online is to make a platform to help and support, and make a positive impact on peoples lifestyles. I want to give the same level of support you’d get from a 1 to 1 Personal Trainer, but for the fraction of the price.

My goal has always been to improve peoples health and of course help reach whatever goal / targets they may have. I also want to educate them on how to get to where they want to be and help them fit it into your lifestyle so its sustainable and maintainable.

I see so many companies & trainers give unrealistic plans and faddy diets that eventually fail, they keep you at arms reach so you keep coming back and you never really understand the process.

FFS Online will be transparent with you, so you can see the process and we work out together, with a level of commitment that’s manageable for you.

We will do daily / weekly check-ins to make sure we’re on track and work out any tweaks that may be needed.

When you join us, you will have your own login and private space to track your progress, access to pre-recorded fitness sessions, in-depth nutritional support / analysis, target setting for your goals and more.

FFS Online is great for those just getting into health / fitness and those more experienced that are hitting a plateau or just need extra support. If this sounds like something you’re looking for then join us TODAY!

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