Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal training sessions are completely tailored to you, we have a wide range of fitness levels we work with, from those who compete professionally to those that want to trim fat and tone up. Doing one to one sessions gives us chance to completely assess you, start to build the foundations and work up with you so we can really test your abilities.

We do lots of work with people on rehabilitation from injuries, back issues, improving posture to support with pre and post pregnancy.
Doing our more intensive packages of training allows us to really work on a journey with you, to get you to your goals. Creating a program you’d do with us, at home, along with in-depth nutritional support, food diary analysis and food plans.

Here’s what a few clients had to say about us…

“My husband signed us both up for Wild Training in the Park, and we really enjoyed it right from the first session. There is great camaraderie within the group, making session’s fun, and Charlie keeps us motivated even when the weather isn’t kind!

I’d thought about Personal Training for a while but to be honest always felt a bit intimidated by the idea of it! Having got to know Charlie through it seemed like a perfect opportunity to give it a go. The programme is designed to meet my goals – to improve my overall fitness focusing specifically on upper body and core strength. Each session is different, keeping it fun, and Charlie really encourages me to push myself and challenge my limits – even when you are having a bad day. Some of the sessions are a killer, but the sense of achievement is wonderful, once you can breathe again!

I’ve surprised myself with my progress, so thank you Charlie for your patience, encouragement, support and laughter! I look forward to whatever you are going to throw at me next!”

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