At FFS Fitness sessions we have a laugh together while training, but most importantly making sure we progress towards getting Fitter Faster & Stronger. FFS will help and give guidance so we can improve your lifestyle and hopefully reach whatever you’re trying to achieve! 
We put a cap on the session capacity so there is usually between 10-16 sometimes less, never more. This allows us to keep a close eye on form, making sure everyone is doing each exercise correctly to get the most out of it and reduce risk of injury. This also makes it a nice social atmosphere, so you can chat to others during the session or keep to yourself! No one is expected to keep up with anyone, everyone works to their own ability! Which means we can cater to all fitness levels. 


The group sessions with FFS is the social, cost effective way of training multiple times per week. We offer 2 memberships.. 
Up to a maximum of 3 sessions per week is £47.50 per month 
Up to a maximum of 4 sessions per week is £62.50 per month 
We also have the option of pay as you go at £10 per session 




The training we do is broken up into phases which change every few months, but don’t worry you’ll see a change in the exercises / sessions each week to keep you engaged. Each phase of training works on different areas of fitness, so we can keep testing and challenging you to make sure you’re progressing in as many areas as possible. All of the phases of training are programmed by us at FFS Fitness, so should be a little different to what you have done before! 


All sessions are outside, this means we do train in all weathers, which can make things interesting haha. We have lots of space, no one is on top of you which makes things a lot more comfortable, also find its a lot better for you as you’re not breathing in that sweaty recirculated air! Get in touch for a free trial session NOW! 
I’m losing weight, getting fitter and feeling much better 
“After major open heart surgery a few years ago, I never thought I would get fit again. After slowly gaining weight and making no progress on my gym routine I was at a loss. I knew Charlie from school and saw he was having results with clients. So I thought I’d give the group/park session a go. I’m losing weight, getting fitter and feeling much better within myself.” - Mathew 




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